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Our bags save you money

Our bags save you money

Benefit from an ecological, economical and environmentally friendly solution for liquid storage. Our portfolio includes a wide range of flexible tanks, bags and containers for a variety of liquids that solve the most common liquid storage problems on premises and in the open air. Flexible tanks help to combat drought and offer assistance in building up drinking and drinking water supplies. As a precautionary safety measure, we offer fire water storage tanks with hydrant couplings. All the bags we offer address the safe collection of wastewater, storage of hazardous liquids or fertilizers. Naturally, fuel storage tanks are also an option, which will always be available on premises and agricultural cooperatives. Flexible bags are the product of the future – for high-quality storage solutions for all kinds of liquids. We have extensive experience in the manufacture of flexible storage tanks. Bags, containers and tanks are made of premium quality material, resistant to the effects of various types of substances. The products are resistant to mechanical damage, UV radiation, icing, etc. Saving money Saving water Certified materials

Customized production of flexible bags, tanks and containers in the Czech Republic

Each flexible bag is based on high-quality fabrics that are coated with a special rubber layer. The result is a product with high indoor and outdoor resistance. We realize orders tailored to your needs. Contact us to manufacture your own flexible bag, tank, or tray and get a certified, environmentally friendly and economical product.


Jaroslava Doležalová
15. 2. 2021
We use the water bag to collect rainwater. We are pleased with the quality and functionality.
Ing. Václav Volný
22.10. 2020
In our company we use flexible bags for sludge trapping. We mostly appreciate the mobility.

Our bags are premium quality

We are specialists in the manufacture of flexible liquid tanks. Vaky Jabor represent a proven and certified portfolio that is the best solution for long-lasting agricultural and industrial use. Our company operates in the Czech Republic, where we also manufacture flexible bags tailored to your needs. We have experience and expertise in the manufacture of flexible liquid storage tanks, which we are able to apply to even the most demanding products. Our products are widely distributed throughout the country and abroad.