Flexible fertiliser bags are a great solution for storing liquid fertiliser. The Jabor fertilizer bags are made of a special material that is specifically designed for the storage of liquid fertilizers. The tanks are easy to install. No major modifications are necessary, just secure the bags to prevent any liquid leakage. The special WR technical fabric is very durable and allows the storage of the most aggressive fertilizers.

Fertiliser bags are cheap and quality solutions

Liquid fertiliser must be stored properly. Jabor bags can be used for this purpose as they are a cheaper solution than conventional fertiliser tanks, which are not only expensive but also difficult to install. The special bags are suitable for both temporary and long-term storage of fertiliser. The strong fabric material is tear resistant, but care should be taken to avoid sharp objects around the tank. Vaky Jabor specializes in manufacturing a range of products directly in the Czech Republic. The company specializes mainly in the Czech market, but it also sells its products abroad. The company has extensive experience in the production of flexible bags.

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Certified product for long-term fertilizer storage

Fertilizer storage tanks are manufactured in a special way. The base of each fertilizer bag is a special fabric, which is also coated with a layer of rubber. This special layer inside the bag then protects the fabric from the effect of liquid fertiliser on the material. Of course, the bag is also rubberised on the outside. The rubber on the outside of the fertiliser bag is designed to protect the stored material against UV radiation, but also against mechanical damage to the bag or other harmful influences. Flexible Jabor bags designed for fertilizer storage are certified products. It is the best solution for storing liquid fertilizers if you do not want to deal with the construction of a standard tank.

Large capacity tanks for agricultural fertilisers

The storage of liquid fertilizers in special certified bags is environmentally friendly. Flexible bags are the portfolio of the future for agricultural fertiliser storage solutions. We manufacture various tank sizes and can also carry out customized orders tailored directly to your needs. So if you have a special request, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will manufacture a flexible fertiliser storage tank to your requirements. Atypical designs are no problem for us. To order a customized fertilizer bag, you need to specify the desired size. You can also contact our professional technicians, who can come to your place and measure the space to be used for the installation of the Jabor bags.

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