Flexible wastewater tanks are a practical solution for the disposal of domestic water, wastewater and sludge from households, commercial premises, manufacturing, agricultural cooperatives, social events etc. This alternative to a septic tank stands out for its quick construction without the need for planning permission or construction modifications. The flexible tank is also suitable for long-term storage of wastewater.

Bags as a storage and operational solution

Flexible bags, tanks and reservoirs are a practical solution for capturing process water, wastewater, sludge and other contaminants. Our company Vaky Jabor specializes in the production of this range of products directly in the Czech Republic. Thanks to this, we ensure easy availability of a solution for the modern way of holding or storing various types of liquids with usability from ordinary households or recreational facilities, through children’s camps, social events, (reunions, concerts, races) to agricultural cooperatives and various companies. Jabor flexible tanks are an economical, ecological, fast and safe solution for temporary and long-term storage of wastewater, slurry, manure, leachate, sludge or digestate.

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We use high-frequency welding in our production

Flexible bags, tanks and containers are also custom-made. Our portfolio is suitable for households and holiday homes if you need to provide drainage in areas where planning permission cannot be granted and major building alterations are not possible. Therefore, have a custom-made flexible wastewater tank made to fit the perfect spot. We manufacture flexible tanks in both traditional and atypical designs. The maximum height of 1.6 m does not disturb the character of the surroundings and can be hidden very easily, for example behind a low hedge. To order a bespoke waste water bag, you need to specify the size you require or contact our engineers who will come to the site and accurately measure the space to be installed.

Durable premium materials

The clear advantage of flexible tanks is the ease of installation, which takes less than an hour for smaller bags on level ground. However, there is also the advantage of the special WR technical fabric, which allows the most aggressive wastewater to be deposited without problems and, together with the closed construction of these tanks, reduces smells from the deposited waste. No mould or fungi will form inside the tank. Jabor’s closed bag tanks provide a usable and constant storage volume and prevent dissolution and possible runoff of wastewater due to rainfall. The flexible bags are also a practical tool for ensuring the functionality of sanitary facilities, sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, etc.

Flexible wastewater tanks represent simple, efficient and smell-free operation. It is especially appreciated by owners of recreational and accommodation facilities, educational institutions, sports facilities, or organizers of various events. Wastewater storage tanks can be a great help during emergencies, especially natural disasters, and in the aftermath.

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