Especially in recent years, the fight against drought is an increasingly common phenomenon. In order to preserve the environment and protect property and personal health, we develop and manufacture specialised firefighting bags to catch rain and process water in the context of fighting fire or just for preventive purposes. The fire water bins have high quality hydrant couplings for quick use.

Firefighting bags standard and customized

Our company, Vaky Jabor, manufactures a wide range of firefighting flexible bags, tanks and reservoirs for professional and volunteer firefighters. Flexible firefighting tanks are the ideal solution for an adequate supply of firefighting water in locations where it is not possible to obtain planning permission for fixed firefighting tanks. They are also versatile in locations where the safety of people must be ensured, for example, at various exhibitions, meetings, competitions, etc. We create unique and tailor-made solutions for rainwater and process water retention. For fire fighting or just for preventive purposes, we offer fire water storage tanks with hydrant couplings.

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Variability and high quality of bags

Flexible fire tanks are certified and proven products for professional and volunteer firefighters. Our company Vaky Jabor specializes in mass production or customized production. The variability and diversity of our water tanks in terms of volume and purpose allows us to find a solution even in places where it is not possible to obtain planning permission. Transportation and installation of the fire extinguishing water tanks is very simple, as is operation. The placement of our products is not subject to building permits, nor do they require any special building modifications. As they have a natural appearance, they do not disturb the landscape. The tanks reach a maximum height of 1.6 m. Despite this, the solution stands out for its high resistance not only to various types of liquids, but also to mechanical damage and other external influences.

We use certified materials

We use special materials and quality manufacturing processes for the production of firefighting flexible tanks. The material from the woven structure made of high-quality PES-polyester, composite textile membranes used in EXOM technologies is treated with a high-performance polymer layer made of polyvinyl chloride. The tanks can withstand temperatures from – 30°C to + 70°C. Their transportation and installation is very fast and convenient. They are also easy to fold and store. The technical fabrics are also highly resistant to external influences such as penetrations.

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