Bring savings to your family or business budget by smart rainwater management. Jabor’s flexible rainwater tanks are the ideal solution for seasonal use of rainfall at cottages, family homes, recreational facilities, businesses and agricultural cooperatives.

Smart rainwater management

We are increasingly facing water shortages, especially in the summer months. It is important to manage the rainwater that is collected by the roof gutter system in a smart way. Make use of every rain shower for your purposes and save your family or business budget. For simple, economical and environmentally friendly rainwater management, we offer our clients flexible rainwater bags. Jabor bags retain rainwater and process water in a modern way and allow its reuse in the simplest way. Jabor bags are the ideal way to protect the environment and conserve water resources.

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Installation in small holiday homes and large companies and associations

Flexible bags, tanks and reservoirs are suitable for small cottages, log cabins, holiday homes, businesses and associations. Easy to install and operate, you get a practical addition for rainwater and domestic water, which you can then use according to your needs. You can choose from a range of capacity sizes, designs and installation accessories. Moreover, the current situation of rising water and sewerage charges encourages the use of tanks, where the retention of rainwater and its easy and free use at any time and without restrictions brings considerable economic savings.

Easy connection to gutter systems

Our Jabor flexible tanks can be easily connected to downpipe and gutter systems. Their practicality is thus appreciated in everyday life by home and garden owners or, for example, owners of gardens and recreational buildings, both private and commercial. Depending on the quality, the collected water can be used for flushing, washing or routine cleaning, or for watering or irrigation. We also provide customized production of flexible bags. Simply provide our technicians with the dimensions or arrange an appointment at your location and our technicians will measure the area themselves. We also specialise in the manufacture of atypically designed flexible bags, which you can then simply place in areas that are smartly hidden so that the bag does not spoil the character of the surrounding landscape.

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